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A fraction of the price of re-tiling.

Bath / Shower or Shower Area from £185 including seals*


Full Bathroom from £310 including seals*


Bath or Shower Seal - or any other sealing works from £55*


Small Kitchen including seals from £185*


Large Kitchen including seals from £310


Grout sealing from £55


Established 2001 in the UK.


*Most quotes can be done over the phone by going through a questionnaire with you which will take approximately 5-10 minutes.


The price we give will be a firm quote and will not alter unless you want additional work doing, or we carry out works which were not included in the original quote given.


If the description of the job is substantially different from when the original quote was done, additional charges may apply.   If however we need to look at the job, we will be happy to send a technician to evaluate the work.




Call us now for a telephone quotation on 07581 068735.

Tired of Grubby Grout and Silicone Seals?


We Magically Restore Tiles, Grout & Silicone Seals.

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The Regrout Service

London and Counties